Kelly's Appreciation for Art..

Art is a passion of mine. There are so many talented artists all over this beautiful world.  I have worked with so many.  I have been so blessed.  I want to give credit where credit is due and as i work on this site I will create links and info. So please be patient.  These are some artists that I worked with and have such respect for!  And there are so many more I want to add their work.

A while ago I had an inner circle member become a stalker in the best of terms.  Took all my years worth of work and held it at Ransom that I wouldn't pay. So be patient as I try to rectify and present the work of artists and friends that I have made over the years. 

If you are someone I am missing our artwork reach out to me so i can update and post your beautiful work. I will also be adding links as I did with my previous site.

xxoo  thanks for believing in me and rising up with me... The good always rises and perseveres!

As quoting Mike the Situation from the Jersey Shore "The come back is better then the Set Back" ..... I agree!



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