My Vitals

Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Body Type: 34d-25-34 

Film/Television (partial list)

"Hamptons Hotties", Show Host, Fall 2002 DPM Entertainment

"Original Skin", Show Host, Summer 2002 Red Light TV Productions
"Sex in The City" Cocktail Waitress Summer 2002
"The View" Bra Model ABC Fall 2001
"Third Watch" Feature Model NBC Fall 2001
"Soprano's" Debbie HBO & Soprano, 3rd season, 2001
Saturday Night Live Temptress NBC Studios/Live winter 2001
"Alone", Eye Herb Wood, 1999
"Jack Tricking", Catherine Herb Wood, 1999

Print (partial list)

Teen People Magazine, Sept 2006
Playboy, Aug 2006
Heavy: The Adult Illustrated Fantasy Magazine, Nov 2005
Celebrity Sleuth: Women of Fantasy, Feb 2004
Whiplash: Canada's Fetish Magazine, 2003
Soak Magazine, May/June 2003
Playboy, February/April 2003
24/7 Premiere Issue, Spring 2003
Playboy, December 2002
Cathy Williams Catalog Fall 2002
Celebrity Sleuth: Television, 2002
Playboys Grapevine Oct 2002
Glamour Girls Magazine, Spring 2002
Jane Magazine, Pictorial April 2002 Issue
Muscle Magazine, Pictorial May 2002 Issue
Cover Models Magazine, 2001 Special Calendar Edition
Exposure Magazine, June 2001
Playboy Magazine France, Nov 2001
Playboy Magazine Spain, Sept 2001
Playboy Magazine, Aug 2001
Crowne Royale National Ad Release, Winter 2001
Steppin Out Magazine (Interview), June 2001
Exposure Magazine (
Interview), June 2001
Howard Austinfeld, Artist, Summer 2001
Vamperotica Dark Fiction, Nude edition 2001
Guy Powers, Artist, Pin-up Art, Fall 2000

Radio (Guest Posts)

Ron and Fezz, NY 1999, Chaunce Hayden 1999, 2000, 2001, Rush and Malloy 2001


Penny Templeton Studio Film/ Soaps/ TV
Penny Templeton Studio
Sam Chwat, Dialect in Standard British
Weist Barron (Commercial)
Bob Luke Acting Studio
Lynette Sheldon Alexander (Improv)
Eleanor Dance Studio
Hannah Kroner Dance Studio

Book Appearances 

The Dave Nestler Sketch Book,

Bad Girls Drawn Nicely!, Sq Productions, Inc. 2004
Muse: The Art of Ray Leaning, The Erotic Print Society, London 2004
Women Running Naked by Harlan Overlike, April 2004


Swimming, Typing, Running, Canoeing, Camping, Biking, Wakeboarding, Cheerleading, Picnics, Pageants, Ice skating, Bowling, Sailing,
Miniature golf, Hip hop/dance, Makeup

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